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Powerful Phone System Features

Why choose RingN for small business VoIP?

Secure and Reliable

RingN is secure, private, and reliable — and that makes it safe and efficient to use.

Powerful Feature Add-ons

RingN is a one-size-fits-all solution that can be customized with a variety of add-ons.

IP Phone and Softphone Integration

RingN allows you to use whatever type of phone you’re most comfortable with.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is powerful. So is RingN. It’s a match made in heaven!

Dialing telephone keypad concept for communication, contact us and customer service support

Scalable and Flexible

With unlimited flexibility, RingN is designed to scale alongside your business.

Unlimited Users

No limits here. From one user to 1,000+, RingN has you covered.

Call Queues and

Call queues maintain a high level of fast and efficient service. And that’s what your customers want!

IVR/Auto Attendant

Save time and reduce headaches with the use of IVR and/or auto-attendant technology

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Get toll free numbers
for your business

Intratel can help your business get a toll free number with any of our communications services. Toll free numbers allow customers in Canada to call your business long-distance from a landline for free! This encourages calls from existing and future customers outside of your local area.

Toll free numbers in Canada begin with one of the following dialing prefixes: 800, 833, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. Those three-digits are specific to Canada and the USA while other countries will have different toll free codes. Any of these calling codes can work for your business, but keep in mind that a vanity number or 1 800 number in Canada can be hard to obtain. In the case that a 1 800 number is not available, we can offer you one of the alternate calling codes.

Toll free numbers come with:

What Is SIP Trunking And
How Does It Work?

SIP Trunking works with VoIP phone systems (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and uses your internet connection to make calls. There are no physical lines or hardware required to maintain a connection. However, it may be necessary to upgrade your Internet connection to ensure the quality of calls.

The SIP Trunk is a remote connection between your business and Intratel. As a SIP Trunk is not bound to a location, it’s easy to move your business without changing your phone number. In addition, a phone system with SIP Trunking in Canada can be attached to international phone numbers and receive calls globally, providing customers with a low-cost option for calling long distance.

SIP trunking feature is available with:

PBX management feature

Manage and monitor your on-premise PBX phone system with Intratel’s web-based PBX management software. You can automatically configure or upgrade your phone system with PBX management & Hardware Monitoring.

Using our web-based dashboard console you can easily:
PBX management feature is available with:

Business Voicemail to Email

Increase efficiency and improve response time with the voicemail to email feature available with Intratel’s Hosted PBX and On-Premise PBX phone systems. Access your voicemail notifications through email any time and anywhere.

If you are away from your phone or unable to answer, callers will be greeted with your personalized answering service and prompted to leave a message. You’d get an email notification indicating you have a new voicemail message waiting for you along with the time and date of the call and caller ID.

This feature can also forward a voicemail to email as an audio attachment which allows you to listen to it even when you’re out of the office. If you can’t return the call right away you can follow up with an email. It’s a great way to handle urgent questions or concerns.

Business Voicemail to Email feature is available with:

Virtual Receptionist

RingN’s phone systems offer an auto-attendant feature that will answer all incoming calls any time of the day with a customized professional greeting. Using the auto-attendant feature can enhance customer service and save the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.

The automated attendant answers calls simultaneously, allowing callers to easily connect to the correct extension with a voice menu system. It also means your phone lines are never busy. If no one is available to take a call, the call can wait in queue or be sent to voicemail—there is no need for a call centre in another time zone when you have a virtual receptionist in Canada.

Virtual receptionist feature is available with: