7 Do’s and Don’ts When Using a VoIP Telephone


Flexible, cheap, and future-proof—these are all the qualities of a VoIP telephone handset.

VoIP sounds like an all-too complicated term but in reality, VoIP only means Voice over Internet Protocol.

Technological innovations have made it possible to make calls over the internet from analogue phones that need to be connected via copper wires.

Sounds familiar? VoIP makes telephone use more efficient but also cheap and highly flexible.

A VoIP telephone system takes advantage of IP technology to transmit calls. This device lets you make calls online rather than having a pair of direct-connect copper wires.

Using a microphone and receiver, VoIP takes the sound you create and converts it into packets of data that are decompressed, which is sent over the network to reach the person you’re talking to.

What’s new with VoIP?

Nowadays, VoIP phones have been upgraded from analogue phone buttons to advanced existing commands with a few useful tools.

Aside from the numerical pad, VoIP phones have line keys that light up if calls are waiting and transfer keys that allow you to direct calls to another person.

Also, there’s now a USB port to plug in your flash drive, and soft keys such as hold, voice mail and conference call can change their function based on the context of what you are doing.

Why should I switch from analogue to VoIP?

You may think that VoIP phones are no different from traditional phones, but there’s a lot to compare with.

1. Set-up

With a VoIP phone, you can use your existing internet connection to connect calls easily. Its audio range also has a higher quality that’s better than analogue phones.

More importantly, it can be set up for Power over Ethernet (POE), which means that WiFi VoIP phones can get their power over their Ethernet network cables.

You can also use regular phones with VoIP, especially if you have the proper VoIP telephone adapter that connects it into a wireless router using an ethernet cable.

2. Use

VoIP telephones can also be used as regular phones since they function similarly while superior to analogue telephones.

In terms of benefits, long-distance calls are much cheaper since VoIP-powered communication works through the internet.

3. Features

This VoIP’s feature takes your business to large-scale opportunities because of its portability. Taking that into consideration, it’s always best to choose the right service that meets your Internet speed, reliability and cost requirements.

Analogue phones utilise a Circuit Switching Network (CSN) where signals travel through cable channels to establish point-to-point connectivity.

Since their VoIP telephone systems are intricately designed, analogue phones aren’t portable enough to be used for on-the-go workers. Furthermore, this type of phone only works for small-scale businesses that don’t use international calls.

Get a VoIP system by purchasing a monthly Wave Subscription!

When choosing a reliable, simple, secure and flexible phone system, it is always best to choose a VoIP cloud-hosted phone system that can work well with any of your devices whether that’s your traditional desk phone, mobile app, or computer.

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The best thing about Wave’s VoIP phone systems is you can set-up the whole system with no technical knowledge required. The Wave controlled panel is user-friendly where configurations, setup, and other features can be usually done in seconds.

Hardware Care

Now that you’re familiar with the Wave VoIP phone, it’s time to get to know the handling procedures to ensure it lasts long. 

1. DO: Refer to the VoIP telephone product manual.

  • You may not be the type who reads manuals, but proper care on your VoIP hardware begins with reading the handbook.
  • Always remember that manufacturers will always have first-hand knowledge when dealing with proper hardware care

2. DON’T: Use harsh cleaners

  • One rule of thumb in caring for VoIP is to avoid pouring chemically concentrated cleaning agents on the phone since it might tamper with the overall structure.
  • It’s best to take a damp cloth and wipe down the phone, ensuring that the liquid will not reach the delicate, inner parts.
  • When using a cleaner, test in a small area first before applying to the rest of the device.

3. DO: Ask the experts

  • Setting up phones can be tricky, especially when installing and using extensions but with Wave-powered Yealink phones, it’s become a lot easier.
  • Their out-of-the-box setup partnered with their specialist UK-based team can swiftly guide you through the process so you can get up and run in no time.

4. DO: Handle with care

  • If you don’t want to worry about your phone system easily breaking or crashing, then you should opt to subscribe to Wave’s resilient VoIP system and avail of any of their Yealink headset phones.
  • Yealink headset phones are designed to be completely disaster-proof, where it can rebuild and redeploy Wave in a brand-new Amazon Web Service (AWS) instance in only eight minutes.

More companies are starting to make the switch to Wave phones mainly due to its efficiency, ease of use and low maintenance protocol.

Apart from being simple to set up, it can be used anywhere, anytime, on any device. Luckily, you don’t have to be a technology expert to understand how it works since Wave products can be easily managed through their control panels.

Applying Simple VoIP Telephone Etiquette

If you think that you can answer a call any way you like, then it is better to think twice. The moment your phone starts to ring, there are already a lot of things to keep in mind. Here are a few simple phone etiquettes that you should keep in mind at all times. 

1. DO: Answer calls immediately

  • Right off the bat, you should be able to answer the call within three rings.
  • Once you answer the call, say your name and speak clearly, while being mindful in the tone of your voice. This instantly creates a connection with the person you’re talking to

2. DON’T: Put people on hold for so long

  • When it comes to putting people on hold, the first thing to do is to get the caller’s name and VoIP telephone number in case the conversation gets cut-off.
  • Inform the person how long it’s going to take for you to provide the necessary assistance or offer just to call them back.
  • Upon returning, make sure that you apologise for making them wait and be honest if you don’t have the answer to their query or the solution to their issues.
  • Through this, clients who call you are more likely to express positive feedback regarding your business.

3. DO: Inform first when calling more than two people

  • The very first thing you should do when calling more than two people is to inform each of them that they are on a conference call.
  • One mistake that others commit is that people aren’t aware that they are in a conference call and they are only informed when they are already in the call.
  • If there are other people on the line and they don’t know each other, it’s your job to introduce them and make sure that everyone gets their turn to speak and they should also be informed how long the call will be.

What to consider when choosing a VoIP Telephone model

With all the phone models out there, it’s hard to choose just one.

To help you make the right choice, here are three things that you need to consider when choosing a model for your phone:

1. Budget

  • To lessen your options quickly, the first thing to note is your budget.
  • Consider the number of users and try to divide your budget by this number.
  • Doing so will give you an idea of the average amount you’d have to spend per person on VoIP phones.
  • Fortunately, Wave’s VoIP phone system only starts at £10, and upgrading to the best package only costs £18. Save more when you choose Wave!

2. Internet compatibility

You don’t have to worry much about this if you avail any of the Wave-powered Yealink headset models. With 20 years of experience, experts have worked to create the best platform for clients to use that’s compatible with the top internet services.

3. Functionality 

If, for example, you’re not usually in your office since you work off-site, get a solid mobile app rather than a home-based VoIP system. Wave VoIP system doesn’t only help you get HD audio, call recording and multi-device access.

You also get custom voicemails, custom hold music, voicemail to email option, and intelligent call routing—and that’s not even the best news yet!

All of these features are included in every package, so you don’t have to miss out on anything even if you just avail of the basic one.

Save time and get the right VoIP system

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Boost work productivity among your employees while keeping a hassle-free communication with your clients using a reliable VoIP system.

If you want a no-fuss VoIP telephone system, Wave is the best choice that you can consider.

Wave’s VoIP phones are fast and reliable that work together with Yealink handsets and conference phones. You don’t have to worry even if you’re working from home as you can still receive and make calls from anywhere in the world. Never miss any call as you can take your business line everywhere using a mix of desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Get a phone system that is simple, secure and flexible with Wave! Purchase a monthly Wave Subscription today that fits most of your communication requirements at work and even at home.

Choose from our three Wave feature packages starting from £10 that lets you enjoy our low-cost monthly subscription per user:

  • Wave 100
  • Wave 1000
  • Wave 3000

Find out more about our pricing packages and how you can start your monthly Wave subscription today!

Lastly, think about functionality. When choosing a VoIP system, choose one that can provide you with various features for having unique phone numbers, a router for an auto call, and conference calling.

Since VoIP telephones mainly run over the Internet, it’s best to have a service provider that gives enough bandwidth to power your phone system.

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